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Experience: This is an important and enjoyable part of my work which began by supervising interns in a university counselling service in Melbourne. Now in private practice I am able to offer supervision for counsellors, psychologists, Specialist Counselling Psychologists and people working in counselling related fields.

Theoretical Orientation:  The foundation of the way I engage with people is humanistic and collaborative. While I am happy to use brief strategic, solution focused and behavioural interventions, case formulations are underpinned by a long-term interest in developmental psychology, family systems theory and psychodynamic principles.  I believe in life long learning  and professional development as a therapist, as well as the importance of my own supervision and therapy.

My practice is also informed by Jungian and archetypal psychology.  I have spent time studying mythology and travelled to Greece, Ireland and Egypt, exploring some of the ancient traditions.


People from all walks of life can benefit from an experienced professional taking a mentoring role, especially during times of challenge, stress or transition. Strategies may include brainstorming creative responses, understanding different personality types, making the most of signature strengths, motivational approaches, and maintaining balance in life.

Stress Management

  • Mental (Talking things through)
  • Emotional (Attending to feelings)
  • Physical interventions (Paying attention to exercise, eating habits, breathing practices, progressive relaxation.)

These techniques can all help with managing stress and anxiety.

The body locks in stress by holding muscles tight.  The jaw may be clenched.  Tension may be held in the shoulders or back, and toes or fingers held tight.  Breathing and relaxation techniques or a simple exercise regime may help to free up energy bound in tension, and lead to greater flexibility of body, mind and emotions.  Recent research also points to the benefits of mindfulness meditation as a treatment for anxiety.

Although I am not currently offering yoga classes, many of the principles of yoga, including a holistic approach to body-mind medicine is a helpful resource to draw upon.


Eva Canning
MAPS, B.A, B.Ed (Counselling)

Brunswick Heads, Tweed Heads and The Pocket - Byron Shire,
NSW 2483

Phone 0408 344 872

Email: eva.canning@bigpond.com