Eva Canning :: Couples Counselling

For couples who once were lovers and now find a loss of warmth and good feelings. An opportunity (via education, coaching, support and encouragement) to move from being reactive to being responsive in times of stress. Strategies to hold and manage feelings of anger, anxiety, disappointment and frustration. Making some intentional choices - stepping out of the old grooves, unconscious old habits, snares and entrapments.

Stages of Couples therapy

  • Assessment Stage:
    Here we get to know each other and consider "Why now?"  What is emerging that is disturbing or unsatisfying?  What are the triggers, patterns and brief history?  What fears, habits and anxieties may be contributing to current concerns?
  • Considerations:
    The Seasons of Relationship - working towards resilience, maturity, building self confidence.
    The healing power of hearing each other (and why it is sometimes so hard for couples).
  • Educative Component:
    Learning some key tips for emotional safety and communication.  This is a two way street.  Both sides deserve to be heard with respect.  Small steps and repetitions to gradually integrate mutually agreed goals.
  • Nurture not criticism:
    A philosophy of kindness in the process of attending to old pain; not ignoring, minimising or criticising.  Working with hopes, dreams, symbols, images, and future vision.
  • Periodic summarising and review:
    Progressive levels of educative materials and exercises, building emotional fitness.

You set your own goals.


Eva Canning
MAPS, B.A, B.Ed (Counselling)

Brunswick Heads, Tweed Heads and The Pocket - Byron Shire,
NSW 2483

Phone 0408 344 872

Email: eva.canning@bigpond.com