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The way people relate to us has a powerful influence on emotional well-being.  When we feel included, understood, valued and respected, we relax. In an atmosphere of acceptance this opens the way for creative responses to life's challenges.

Why people seek counselling

Some people engage in the process of counselling as patients seeking care and treatment. Others are more comfortable in the role of client or customer, seeking information, strategies and educative responses. I am happy to respond to either of these approaches, and prefer to work in a collaborative manner - working together, to make and restore good connections, both inner and outer.

People tell me they appreciate having the opportunity to think through thoughts and feelings with someone outside their normal circle. Others value being heard and understood when there has been grief, trauma or conflict. Others welcome the chance to learn new social and emotional skills. Some people use the counselling setting to consider life's journey and spiritual, existential or emotional longings, or to weigh up and clarify options available to them at a particular stage of life.

Benefits of counselling

An opportunity to build emotional strength, flexibility and resilience.  To work on improving relationships, self esteem and inner resources, which in turn may assist in the areas of work, family, friendships and wider world experiences.

When to get counselling

When feeling distressed, confused, emotionally overwhelmed, suffering feelings of emptiness, depression, grief, soul searching. When a relationship is under strain and wanting help to find more loving solutions, or to build confidence and improve communication. 

What to expect from counselling

  • Practical professional help, support and encouragement, peppered with a few challenges along the way.
  • Help to gain perspective and clarity. 
  • Oppportunity to learn new skills, increased self awareness and emotional wellbeing.

Eva Canning
MAPS, B.A, B.Ed (Counselling)

Brunswick Heads, Tweed Heads and The Pocket - Byron Shire,
NSW 2483

Phone 0408 344 872

Email: eva.canning@bigpond.com